Outubro '09 | 4º Semana


Terça, 20 de Outubro
Wine, Tea & Music


Quarta, 21 de Outubro
Rock'n'Roll Nights by Ignition & Rodas

It's only Rock 'n' Roll babe...



Quinta, 22 de Outubro
Clube > JUNGLE FLAVOURS : Tilinhos, Subway & Skata
Bar > Dj Poracaso

Na noite mensal de Drum 'n' Bass do Armazém do Chá onde actuam uma vez mais os melhores talentos do cidade.



Sexta, 23 de Outubro
Clube > The Bonnevilles (live) & Dj Rasef
Bar > Rasheed

The Bonnevilles are Portugal bound with their Garage Blues this month for a short tour from 21st -25th of October ‘09. Its the second time they've been invited to Portugal the last time seeing them play a one night stand in Lisbons legendary Wonderland Club last November which saw the lads visiting four airports in 24 hours and play a late and sweaty set at 3am after a Brazilian stripper had got the crowd all riled up. It was some night and enough to garner more invites.
This tour will see the lads being supported by DJ Rasef from Glasgows Eruption Club. Rasef, after booking The Bonnevilles to play his club as themselves and as The Reverend Beatmans Blues Trash Trio (for which they were duly knighted) has since become good friends with the band so joining them on this tour is a natural fit.
Although the band will be playing the firm crowd pleasing, block rocking favorites from their debut album Good Suits & Fightin' Boots they will also be debuting some tracks from their new album, due for release early 2010.

The Bonnevilles, 'One more nail outta rock ' n' roll's coffin, The Halt, Glasgow (Youtube)

The Bonnevilles - Good Suits and Fighin' Boots (Mediafire)



Sábado, 24 de Outubro
Clube > Dj Spot w. Body Rock Crew & Deck D One
Bar > Ratus Far I

Na noite de Sábado Dj Spot vem ao Armazém mostrar toda a sua colecção de discos... Entre o funk, hip-hop e a electrónica mais actual tudo serve para nos presentear com uma noite vocacionada para a pista de dança. A acompanha-lo terá a Body Rock Crew e Deck D One. No bar Ratus Far I servirá atmosferas mais dub e reggae.


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